What to Look for When Choosing Web Hosting for Auto Mechanic Business

How to choose Web Hosting for Auto Mechanic Business

When you open a mechanic shop you are not only selling your services, you are selling yourself. For as long as automobiles have needed people to fix them, mechanics have had a stigma attached to their services due to poor service, ruthlessness, and downright unethical practice. It is therefore of primary importance that you sell your reputation as a mechanic and your business, and your website can be one of the primary tools to do so.

Designing the right website is only the first step. How do you go about choosing a web host who has the right plan and service for your mechanic business? Here are a few things to consider and some recommendations that could be just the thing for your needs.


Keeping your bottom line out of the red is important. That is why you have to have a web host that offers a great deal as well as great features and service. You can get great web hosting service for under $5 per month. Just look at FatCow.com, who offers a fabulous plan for only $4.85 per month. IPage.com is another reputable host that offers a plan for only $3.50 a month. In fact, if you have the resources to buy four years in advance, WebHostingPad.com offers cheap web hosting for only $1.99 per month.

Website Design

Web design is usually not at the top of a mechanic’s skill list, however, you need not worry about creating an outstanding website with the help of your web hosting service. Many offer free website building tools that they offer their members so that a great-looking and customized website can be on the net in just minutes. FatCow already noted above also has easy site building tools available that allow you to choose from dozens of great templates and simply customize them with your images and information.

IXWebHosting.com is another highly rated hosting company that offers an easy-to-use site building using a wizard and answering a few simple questions. You can see a demo
of their site builder on their website.

24 hour a day uptime

With the internet it is possible to look for businesses 24 hour hours a day. An auto problem may occur in the evening when your shop is closed, yet you want to be sure your customers can find you even late at night through internet searches. Having a web host that gives you guaranteed uptime will assure that your mechanic business website will be found. IXWebHosting not only offers great site building tools, but a 99.9% uptime promise and guarantee that assures that your website is up all the time.

Your business depends on building a loyal customer base. Be sure you give them the ability to contact you easily through your website and pass the word along to their friends and family. One of the web hosting choices listed here is a great way to assure that your mechanic business website has the support it needs to deliver your message.

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